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official estimates put the numbers of muslims at about 10 per cent of the population, though they are likely higher given the muslim tamil diaspora that dates back to the 1800s. there are about six million muslims living in the country, mostly tamil speaking. the muslim community also faces social discrimination in education and the workplace, but they are represented by the muslim lawyers forum, which reported 95 such cases in 2010.

megha tamil movie full 139

dalaitivu and chirala are villages located about 13 kilometres apart on the east coast of the indian island of sri lanka. lately, people from dalaitivu have visited chirala for medical treatment, and have instead found shelter, security and a new identity there. the chirala community saw itself as colonized for about a century, and it has even been suggested that the hindi term chirala translated as "settled" or "converted" was mispronounced in the plantation days. chirala's population has multiplied rapidly. its main claim to fame, though, is that it has produced many sri lankan sinhalese royalty, including reigning monarchs, the civil servants, the businesspeople and the political elite.104 however, chirala feels underrepresented in state-run education, and it has a strong sense of identity. it has formed a political party and member of parliament by the name of the "akaleya" party, though it is yet to make much of a name for itself.

megha tamils have recorded all kinds of songs from cradle to grave. the community has produced music artists such as k. shanmugam, ratheesh yogeswaran, v. v. meenakshisundaram, ilaiyaraja, ajith sankaran and popular comedians like parthiban kanavu. a large part of the tamil diaspora is based in gulf countries such as malaysia, singapore, dubai, united arab emirates and kuwait. this diaspora has also brought in many tamil television programs, film music, dance items and singers. megha tamil movie full 139


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