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You Can Do It (Yam Who Remix)

I will be computing all the bundles, including remixed and hidden, individually, but will only quote the total for the basic community center, remix bundle on it's own, and an ideal remix bundle for the minimum of each at the bottom. There's just to many variations of the remix bundles, and the total for the hidden bundle changes depending on remix bundle, and other factors, that would make this overly complicated and arbitrary to list out. When computing your own community center, you have to add your own bundles together, and take into account any doubling up on costs yourself.

You Can Do It (Yam Who Remix)

Exotic forage remix, Wild medicine bundle: 5 purple mushrooms, 5 fiddlehead fern, 5 white algae, 5 hops. free. You only need to fill 3 slots and thus don't need the Hops, which you must buy to obtain. As listed above, purple mushrooms are found in both the normal mines and skull caverns, as well as tapping mushroom trees. It takes a while with bad luck, but is possible. It's also surprisingly quick to pack the Wizard full of spare essences' and have him send purple mushrooms in the mail. Fiddlehead fern can be foraged from the Prehistoric floors of skull caverns without opening up the secret woods, and white algae is most easily obtained from killing bug type creatures or fishing underground, like the mines, mutant bug lair, or sewers.

Quality crops bundle, remix .5: free. the remix of this specific bundle has the potential of having 5 gold star green beans, cauliflower, potatoes, blueberry, hot peppers, yams, and eggplants. All the seeds are obtainable with the previously mentioned methods above (mixed seeds and skull caverns.) Cauliflower seeds can be gotten through the museum, and yams through skull caverns or putting a duggie yam in the seed maker.

Quality Crops bundle remix, rare crops bundle: Ancient fruit, sweet gem berry. Free. you only need one, and the ancient fruit you get from several sources (fishing, artifact spots, bug based monsters...) will do.

Animal bundle: Large milk, large Goat Milk, Wool, Duck egg, large brown egg, large white egg. And so the free streak is broken. Even though you only need 5 of the six items, you finally have to pay money to complete a bundle. It also happens to be one of the most obnoxious ones. At least it's to Robin and Marnie and not Pierre. Interesting enough, the cost of this changes depending on whether or not you are doing the remix, and if you have to account for the truffle in the chefs bundle. The wool you can get for free. All you simply have to do is befriend Emily, and at some point eventually you will get wool in the mail. However, all of the other items you must get directly from animals. The cheapest combination being...

(note in a vacuum without having to account for chef or dye bundle, the animal bundle on it's own would only need a big coop, regular barn, duck, cow, and incubated chickens, for 22,700. I don't need to make note of this though, because in a basic community center you do have to account for chef and dye bundle, and in an ideal cheapest remix you can nix the animal bundle entirely for cheaper bundles)

Animal bundle remix 1 or fish farmer's bundle: 15 roe, 15 aged roe, 1 squid ink. 5,000. Interesting enough, these bundles are what got me stuck on a no money run of community center. No matter what you do, The animal bundle and all of it's remix alternatives cost money in some way. For fish farmer's it's simple. You only need to fill two slots, and you can get the squid ink from killing squid kids. But roe, and aged roe by default, needs a fish pond. So whether you do roe or aged roe or squid ink doesn't matter, you must get one fish pond, at 5,000

Animal bundle remix 2 or Garden Bundle: Tulip, Blue Jazz, Summer Spangle, Sunflower, Fairy rose. 225. Flowers are weird. they aren't profitable enough to grow, they aren't good enough gifts to grow, honey is a one trick pony.... and you can't get the seeds anywhere but buy them. Not skull caverns, not mixed seeds, not trash cans or as rewards or in the mail... you just... have to buy them. The cheapest combination, only needing to fill 4 spots, is the tulip at 20 gold, the Jazz at 30, summer spangle at 50, and the sunflower from Joja at 125 (20 + 30 + 50 + 125 = 225). Luckily, all of these except the sunflower can be bought at this price from the night market seed ship, so Pierre still hasn't profited off of us fixing up the town. If you are strictly anti Joja, the amount changes to 300 gold, and you can interchange the sunflower and fairy rose as desired.

Adventure's bundle: 99 slime, 10 Batwings, solar essence, void essence, (remix alternative) 10 bone fragments. free. You only need two, all of which are combat oriented. Just kill the correct thing in the mines and it's free

If you get the chef's bundle in a vacuum, aka didn't get the animal bundle in the remix and are just looking for the cost of the truffle, you have to add the cost of the basic (6,000) and big barn (12,000) and deluxe (25,000) as well for 59,000 for your first truffle

Dye Bundle: Red mushroom, Sea urchin, Sunflower, Duck Feather, aquamarine, red cabbage. 125 to sell out to joja. The red mushroom we know already with the tree and the mines. The sea urchin you can get from the beach for free or as a gift from Emily. The aquamarine from gem nodes in mine, and the red cabbage seed is a treasure room skull caverns drop. The sunflower though is another tough purchase from Joja for 125 gold, or 200 if you don't want to give them your money at the night market. Now that duck feather. In a normal bundle, because I would have to get it anyways, I have already accounted for the coop and it's duck, and thus it's "free". In a remix in which you did not get the animal bundle or chef, you could spend spend 4,000 for a coop, 10,000 to upgrade it, and 1,200 for the duck.... oooor for the exact same price of a single house upgrade (10,000), a bouquet (200) and a mermaid pendant (5,000) you can marry Emily and receive a duck feather as a gift...

Dye bundle remix alternatives: Beet, amaranth, starfruit, cactus fruit, blueberry, iridium bar. 70 gold Beets and blueberry seeds are treasure room rewards. You get a free starfruit seeds from the museum. Cactus from the desert and iridium bar can be a winter star gift, be smelted, a monster drop.... but that amaranth though. Must be bought, for a stifling 70 gold from the night market.

Given though that these are alternatives, there is combinations (beet or red mushroom, sea urchin, starfruit, cactus fruit, aquamarine or blueberry, red cabbage or iridium bar) That is technically free in a remix...

Home Cook's Bundle: 10 eggs, 10 milk, 100 wheat flour. 2,500. Good news, we still aren't shilling to Pierre yet! Only two other bundle's need eggs. Animal (in which you are incubating eggs and can get more) and chef (of which you can get the full fried egg from garbage) So no matter the remix combo you get, you can use all 10 of Marnie's winter star eggs that you will totally get. Milk is easy free too. speak to Sandy every day, and Occasionally she will give you basic milk after her regular dialogue. Unfortunately you must spend money on the wheat. The cheapest means is to use mixed seeds in the summer until you get 100 wheat, and then build a mill for 2,500 gold. Better than shilling out 10 grand to Pierre though, even if it is slow.

When it comes to the remixes that's both a lot cheaper and way harder to get in play. I literally can't sit here and compute all the different combinations and alternatives, so I'm just going with the cheapest one.

As of version 1.5, when creating a new file there is an option to remix the Community Center bundles. A room can have a mix of permanent and random bundles. Permanent bundles will always be present, though the items may vary slightly from their standard counterparts. Random bundles may or may not be present. 041b061a72


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