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Call Of Juarez The Cartel

The Cartel tells the story of an interagency task force investigating a powerful Mexican drug cartel after it bombed the DEA's Los Angeles offices. Featuring LAPD detective Ben McCall, FBI agent Kim Evans, and DEA agent Eddie Guerra, the team must face their mistrust of one another, as each is revealed to have their own agenda. When it emerges that the cartel has infiltrated the American government, the case morphs from a drug-related investigation into a political conspiracy, with no one sure where they stand.

Call of Juarez The Cartel

The Cartel received mainly negative reviews. Although some critics thought co-op mode featured some interesting ideas, the majority disliked the game. Common criticisms included poorly implanted game mechanics, a cliched storyline, underdeveloped characters, inconsistent audio quality, error-filled subtitles, tone-deaf racial and gender stereotypes, and poor graphics and animations. In particular, the game's glitches and lack of technical polish received a lot of negative attention, with many opining that it felt rushed, and at least one critic suggesting it was the worst game of 2011. In 2015, the game's lead designer admitted that The Cartel wasn't ready when it was released, calling the game "a mistake".

Call of Juarez: The Cartel is a first-person shooter in which the player controls one of three protagonists: Det. Ben McCall (LAPD), Agent Kim Evans (FBI), or Agent Eddie Guerra (DEA). The two characters whom the player does not choose are controlled either by the AI, or by human player(s) in drop-in/drop-out co-op mode.[7] Unlike the original Call of Juarez, which used alternating characters level-by-level, or Bound in Blood, which allowed players to choose which character to play as for each level, in The Cartel, players pick a character before beginning the first level, and are confined to using that character throughout the campaign, unless they start a new game.[8][9] Irrespective of the player character, each level is played through in the same manner. However, playing as specific characters does often result in different cutscenes and in-game dialogue. For example, in the first level, each of the three characters receive a phone call at different points, but the player can only hear what is said during the player character's conversation; thus, to hear all three phone calls, the player must play through the level three times, using a different character each time.[8][10][11]

Each character can wield handguns, rifles, heavy and light machine guns, shotguns, and grenades. Each can interact with certain objects, such as ammo, weaponry, and collectibles. Each can also drive vehicles when available, or ride shotgun if necessary.[12] Each can also avail of "Team Cover", a special game mechanic only available at predetermined points whereby the under-fire player can move from designated cover spot to designated cover spot, with their companions automatically offering covering fire as they move.[13][14]

Each mission in the game features a series of primary objectives, which must be completed sequentially as the player moves through the map. Certain levels also feature optional side quests called "Secret Agenda" missions. In these missions, which are different for each of the characters, the player character will receive a phone-call asking them to retrieve something hidden within the map.[18] Not only must they find the item, but to get the full experience points and complete the mission successfully, they must collect it unseen by the other two characters.[19] When playing in co-op mode, if a player is seen taking the secret agenda item, they get 50% of the available experience, with the other 50% going to the player who saw them.[18] Experience allows the player to level up, with different weaponry made available for use at each level.[20]

The game features two types of slow-motion attacks ("Concentration Mode"). Irrespective of the character, players charge their concentration metre by killing enemies, with headshots charging the meter faster than body shots. Once the player has filled the meter, they can activate concentration mode at any time. When they do, time slows down dramatically, but the player can still pivot, shoot, and reload at near-normal speed.[21] In co-op play, when one player triggers their concentration mode, it also triggers for all other human players.[9][18] The second type of concentration mode is dual concentration, which happens automatically at certain points in the game, always at doorways. The player character and one of the AI characters (or two player characters in co-op mode) simultaneously burst into the room, and the game goes into slow motion for several seconds.[18][22]

The game begins as the fledgling but powerful Mendoza Cartel bomb the DEA's offices in Los Angeles, killing seven agents. In response, Deputy Attorney General Joseph Reynolds orders Assistant Attorney General Shane Dickson to put together an interagency task force. She selects LAPD detective Ben McCall, FBI agent Kim Evans, and DEA agent Eddie Guerra. She tells the team that FBI agent Patrick Stone, who was killed in the bombing, had been investigating the sale of military-grade weaponry to the cartel, and after the bombing, Stone's daughter Jessica contacted McCall and told him that several days prior, her father was threatened by a man named Antonio Alvarez, who was squadmates with both McCall and Stone in Vietnam.

After causing chaos to the cartel's street operations, the team learn that Alvarez is scheduled to take delivery of a sizeable amount of cash. En route to the exchange, Guerra's bookie calls and tells him his $70,000 debt has been paid off, much to his confusion. After the exchange is made, the team give chase, with Alvarez fleeing on foot, pursued by Evans. However, she gets a call from FBI Assistant Director Allen Waters, who tells her that Alvarez is an FBI informant, and is not to be arrested.[25] Nevertheless, the team are able to get the money Alvarez was carrying. Later, Guerra gets a call from whoever paid off his debt, telling him that they want Jessica moved to a less secure location.[26]

Guerra reluctantly suggests they move Jessica, and they are attacked en route, although they manage to escape. Seeing that Jessica has a missed call from Kevin Donleavy, a former FBI agent who worked with her father, the team have her ring him back, whereupon he tells her that her father sent something to him; evidence of a conspiracy that "goes all the way to the top." Jessica arranges to meet Donleavy in a rooftop bar. Guerra is again contacted by his creditors, and is told they no longer need Jessica, now they just need Donleavey's evidence. As Evans takes up a sniper position, Waters calls her and tells her Donleavy is working for the cartel, ordering her to shoot him. She does so, prompting Jessica to flee, pursued by Alvarez, who was also in the bar.

The team then learn that Jesus Mendoza, son of Juan Mendoza, the cartel's leader, is coming to LA to handle the arms deal. The team apprehend Jesus, learning that the cartel are buying the weapons from Peace Keepers International, a private military company run by Michael Duke. Meanwhile, Alvarez tells Evans that Donleavy was not working for the cartel and he offers a deal - give him Jesus and he'll tell them where the exchange with Duke is to take place. He also confirms that the cartel has apprehended Jessica.[27] McCall, however, contacts Juan directly, telling him they'll trade Jesus for Jessica, to which Juan agrees.

At the prisoner exchange, Alvarez snipes and kills both Jessica and Jesus. He then offers a new deal - the location of the weapon trade in return for the money the team stole during the money exchange. Donleavy's evidence proves to be an audio recording in which Stone reveals that Dickson is working with the cartel.[28] McCall reluctantly agrees to Alvarez's deal, and the team head to the location; an old fort in Juarez (the same fort occupied by Juan Mendoza in the previous games), where they kill all of Duke and Juan's men and steal the trucks with the weaponry and money.

As Alvarez manipulates Juan and Duke into each believing that the other is responsible for the heist, Evans tells Waters that Dickson is working with the cartel, and they are planning to arrest Juan, as they need his testimony to convict Dickson and attest to the conspiracy. At Jesus' funeral, Duke attacks and as his and Juan's men fight, the team attempt to take Juan alive. Duke is killed, and the team pursue Juan and Alvarez to Juan's hacienda. Juan surrenders, but is immediately killed by a US military drone operated by Dickson, leaving Alvarez as the only one who can testify. They corner him, but McCall wants to kill him for his crimes, Evans wants him alive so Dickson can go to prison, and Guerra wants to split the drug money three-ways. Alvarez also reveals that it was the FBI who paid off Guerra's debts so they would have leverage over him in the future.[29] Each draws their weapon and the player is presented with a choice to either kill their teammates or not.

If the player chooses to kill their teammates when playing as McCall, Alvarez detonates a grenade and escapes. McCall is subsequently sent to prison. Since it was revealed the Mendoza cartel had spread into the highest echelons of government, politicians and the public are demanding armed intervention in Mexico, with the president considering invading. The game ends with McCall looking at a postcard sent by Alvarez, which reads, "happiness is having friends in high places."

If the player chooses to kill their teammates when playing as Evans, Alvarez detonates a grenade and escapes. At a press conference, Dickson hails the success of the task force in crushing the cartel. She cites the "brave sacrifices" of McCall and Guerra, and hails Evans, whom she awards with the FBI Medal of Valor. However, Evans punches her in front of the media and is promptly arrested. A furious Dickson flees to her office, sitting at her desk and looking at a postcard sent by Alvarez, which says, "happiness is having friends in high places." 041b061a72


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