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Sexy Girl (113) Mp4

Dark-haired Sanya (179cm-5,9ft), the experience girl/girl lover and Ellen (185cm-6,1ft), who does many catfights before, are girl friends for a long time. And both Ladys agrre to meet here for there first sexfight matchto the finish. Who will be the better woman?? The sexy girl lover or the strong catfighter?? Rules are simple: to dominate first and bring the other to a real climax.They starts with strong leg tangling in tight jeans, then it goes on tit to tit and panty vs panty. Both press the other against the wall to bumping there pussy hard together instanding positions with hot sensual kisses. This fight begins as a test of strenght and ends in a trib match between this two newcomer.

Sexy Girl (113) mp4



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