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Courage The Cowardly Dog Torrent Complete [UPD]

When Courage returned for the pocket watch he found a letter from Fred on the end table next to the kitchen chair he sits in. Courage reads the letter and begins to cry and asks his newphew where he can find Eustace. He says he loves to get lost, but then he says he's hungry. He follows Fred and ends up in a house where he finds Stevie and his pups. Courage tries to hug Stevie and get a dog pie, but then he realizes that his newphew is a werewolf. Courage takes the pie and then the werewolf comes out of Stevie's butt. Courage runs away and sets off on the werewolf's tail. Then Stevie is frozen, but a one eyed pup is frozen at the end of a hanging chain. He chomps on the frozen pup. Then an arm comes out of a bookshelf and tries to grab the werewolf.

courage the cowardly dog torrent complete

When Eustace went to the bloke's house Courage ran to the bathroom. The werewolf came in and sliced the giblets out of Courage. The werewolf then seems to eat and licks Courage. Now this was gross when I first saw it, but he is a werewolf and you gotta give the dog guy some credit. Courage grows back in his face and grows legs out of his head and he goes back to pick a fight with the werewolf. But then he gets the short end of the stick in the end and the werewolf kicks him away from him.

Then it's all the werewolf's fault. When Courage comes back the werewolf says, "I've had my fill, there's another will call." So Fred went after Eustace with his whip. After that the werewolf in the bookshelf, Stevie, and a pups go back to Eustace and Muriel. Fred tries to attack the werewolf but Courage protects the werewolf. Courage then gets a phone call and it's his Mom. He ends up sleeping at his own house and the werewolf helps Courage get the good end of the stick. You know what happened to Stevie, Courage put the werewolf back in the bookshelf.


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