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Softlogix Chassis Monitor

Rockwell Automation recommends using the ControlLogix control system family of products which now includes an expanding line of in-chassis compute modules to allow for programming flexibility and multiple communications options.

Softlogix Chassis Monitor

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Hey guys!I have an annoying problem. I'm trying to emulate a plc to test an RSView HMI.I had RSLogix Emulate and heard SoftLogix should be better, so i installed SoftLogix. When installing i had to uninstall Emulate because they are incompatible.Now, i can't start SoftLogix because it says:'Could not determine which modules are present in the chassis. Aborting the application'And, also i can't uninstall SoftLogix (to go back to Emulate) because:'.FAILED. 1. SoftLogix Chassis modules must be removed'.How am i going to get out of this? Greetings Culan.

Hasta el momento ya tenemos configurado el SoftLogix, el RSLinx y por último vamos a crear un proyecto el que poder descargar a nuestro controlador. Ejecutamos el RSLogix y creamos un nuevo proyecto, seleccionamos como controlador nuestro SoftLogix y por defecto el chassis se asigna automaticamente, el directorio del proyecto por defecto es tal cual y pulsamos OK una vez asignado un nombre y alguna descripción.


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