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Pure Css3 Smooth Sliding Sidebar Menu Html Code

With HTML, CSS, and sometimes JS, sliding menus can be efficient, engaging, and smooth. The following lists sliding menu examples. There are code pen options for those who want a pure CSS menu and for those who want one with some JS.

Pure Css3 Smooth Sliding Sidebar Menu Html Code

Here is another pure CSS sliding menu. This one is relatively simple with plain white and black colors. The menu icon is displayed in the header of a website. It uses :focus-within pseudo-class to help make it work.

A bright green sliding menu overlays half of the webpage with this code pen. A hamburger icon identifies the menu in the right-hand corner of the page. After deploying the menu, the icon turns into an exit button.

A super simple jQuery script to create an Off-canvas sidebar menu for navigation. The navigation will slide out from the left side of the page with a smooth CSS3 transition effect once you click the toggle button.

u r website is good,please tell me how to add these menu code in html(i tried to do same procedure but i dont please help me with it),also tell me that in head,body,css how to add in that,tell me adding js(which is in menu code) to html,please reply

This example will give you ideas for menu hover effects. As the name implies, this example uses distorted effects for the menu options. The creator has included six demo variations in this pack. Each effect is unique and will give a different character to the website/mobile application menus. Since the effects are bold, it is better to use them for full-page menu designs. Well-written code script makes the animations swift and smooth. Mostly modern animations are used in this example, so you can use them for contemporary web designs without any hesitation.

The developer Virgil Pana has given a concept for hamburger menu designs. Though the original design is displayed on a mobile screen, you can use this pretty damn quick animated menu for all types of websites/applications. Both folding and unfolding animations are given in this pack so you can get a better idea of the design before implementing it on your website. A few lines of javascript is also used in this example to make the animations even smoother. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor. You can trim the code per your needs and visualize it on the editor itself.

A radial menu design concept is used in this design. The bubbly effect and drop shadows give an authentic radial bubble effect. Different colors are used for each bubble so that users can easily identify the menu options. Icons are used for the menu options to make the menu design even more appealing to the eyes. Since this is a concept model, you still have room to add your own custom features and options. Another advantage of this design is it is made purely using the CSS3 script. Hence, you can easily handle and use the code on your project without any hitch.

This CSS menu design is built purely using HTML and CSS3. The visual effects are smooth and you can expect them to perform better even in small screen devices. As most of the effects are sleek and quick user no need to wait for the option to appear. A gradient color scheme is followed in the demo, but you can add your own color scheme. As this menu uses the latest CSS3 framework, you can add any trendy colors based on your requirements. This type of menu suits for any modern and creative website template designs.

As sliding gestures increase in the mobile UI you must make your mobile applications accordingly. For example, switching between apps and getting to the home screen in iOS (after iPhone X) and in Android P has changed to gestures. The latest swiping gesture interface inspires the menu animation effects in this mobile menu design. In the default demo itself, the transition effects are fluid and clean. You can use it as such in your application. Even if you need you can make little improvements. As the code used is shared with you by the developer of this menu, you can customize it easily. Speaking of iPhones, look at our iPhone mockups to elegantly showcase your designs.

Slide-Menu 2 design is perfect for one-page website templates and landing pages. Neat icons are used along with the wording to elegantly display the menu options. When you combine smooth scrolling with this menu, you get an impressive page navigation effect. Just like most other CSS menu inspirations in this list, this one also made pure using the latest CSS3 framework. As most of the effects are a default effect in CSS3, you can easily make a menu design like this in no time. Or you can simply use the code used in this menu design and tweak it to save your time.


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