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[Free Release] Flash 89, Save As - Thumpin'

Europe 1966 is a box set consisting of live performances from free jazz visionary Albert Ayler. Each of the 4 LP's highlights some of the most magnificent moments on this European tour, showcasing Ayler and his bandmates at the height of their powers. The release includes performances from Berlin, Lörrach, Stockholm, and Paris, all of which occurred within a two week span. Ayler's masterful band on this tour included his brother Donald on trumpet, Michel Samson on violin, William Folwell on double bass, and Beaver Harris on drums. These performances have been remastered for vinyl by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering. The package also includes a 12 x 24 fold-out insert, featuring liner notes from John Litweller and photos from the tour. The release will be available for Record Store Day 2023, with each LP pressed on audiophile-grade black vinyl at Pallas Group in Germany.Berlin, November 3, 1966A01_Truth Is Marching In 7:25A02_Omega (Is The Alpha) 3:36B01_Our Prayer - Truth Is Marching In 5:06B02_Ghosts - Bells 11:29

[Free Release] Flash 89, Save As - Thumpin'

Given its rarity, when asked if he was surprised that people knew about the album Whitaker jokes "I've told enough people about it over the years! Now they can actually hear it. It was a record before it's time. It's not a commercial release - I think of it as classical. You can call it jazz, but it's free, it's got African roots, it's for people who people who dig that sound."

The band came out of the box swinging in 1965 with the international hit "She's About a Mover, fronted by Doug Sahm alongside Vox organ player Augie Meyers and a trio of talented musicians. They quickly established a fanbase in Texas before relocating their mix of regional Mexican conjunto and British Invasion flash to San Francisco. Touring frequently, the Quintet was in top form when they visited the legendary Los Angeles nightclub the Ash Grove in 1971 for this performance. This previously unreleased live set makes its debut on this vinyl release and features "She's About a Mover" alongside the later "Mendocino" with six more party starters. Side One 1) Shes About a Mover 2) Tortilla Flats 3) Be Real 4) MendocinoSide Two 1) Glad For Your Sake 2) Heya Heya 3) Didnt Even Bring Me Down 4)Dynamite Woman

There's something intangible about Celeste, the Soundcarriers second album, originally released in 2010. It has a light, lucid quality, almost like driving exhausted through a strange city at night. Freeflowing yet tethered, dreamy yet attacking, the band continue the fight to reconcile competing impulses. Various threads just about keep the shimmering tapestry from tearing. Haunting folk melodies underpinned by rhythmic static and the physicality of the totally analogue recording and mixing, baroque keyboard counterpoints and sweeping arrangements. The opener Last Broadcast seems to encapsulate this but it's almost as if the album gets the angst out of its system with this track and is free to explore the quieter, less crowded back streets. After the smoke of Last Broadcast has cleared, the twisting road takes in the soft introspection of Hideaway and Morning Haze, both tracks morphing into heavy psyche grooves or the eastern tinged psyche funk of Signals and Rise And Fall. Or takes another turn with the tightly arranged opening segment of Long Highway. Somehow it still manages to fit in 60s pop gems like There Only Once.

An album to really lose yourself in, yet more concise than the sprawling Harmonium and more relaxed and freeflowing than the nervy rush of Entropicalia, Celeste could be arguably their most indispensable album and not to damn it with faint praise, their most listenable. Originally released in 2010 to critical acclaim and quickly achieving cult-status especially with a limited 1000 limited vinyl pressing, The Soundcarriers Celeste has never been repressed until now. This repress on black vinyl will be exclusive to RSD.

Following the successful re-release of the entire The Mars Volta back catalog, Clouds Hill has saved the reissue of Frances The Mute (single) and The Widow (live) as a special highlight for the 2023 Record Store Day. Mastered for vinyl - pressed on vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2023.Side A1. Frances The Mute" (Remastered)

Was not only MS that dropped support for legacy formats. Apple did the same with early MacWrite files. Diskette space was at a premium back then - the files were written compressed to take up as little room as possible so extracting the text just did not work (they were pure gibberish). I believe when MacWrite v5 came out, suddenly we could not open our archived writings. Oddly, I recall Word at the time would still open them. Years later when we were moving to a floppy-free environment we copied all the files from diskettes - including the 400k diskettes that only a Quadra 610 running MacOS 7.5 would recognize since support for the first Mac diskettes was dropped in 7.6 - but newer versions of Word had dropped support for old MacWrite files completely. That Quadra acted as our bridge to the past as it not only opened 400k diskettes and ran Word 5.1, but it also had Ethernet (via the appropriate AAUI dongle) so it could save the converted files directly to our file server.We also had files from MegaPlan and Microsoft File (gaaagh!) that we just gave up on trying to find a converter for. We salvaged what text we could out of them and just destroyed the diskettes. 041b061a72


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