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Music Saved My Life (Acapella)

Words and music: Keith Lancaster (1978)This song also appeared on Heaven Will Be My Home by Keith Lancaster.Lead: Tom Arnold Lyrics: When I think about my troubles and my trials in life's way (they can't be right)The darkness of this world just can't be rightThere's a new day coming closer with each dayA new land's within my sight I know that my sins are all forgiven (I know they are forgiven)I know that He watches o'er my life (I know He watches o'er my life)But when I think of being alone it makes me want to go (when I think of, it makes me want to)To the place that's free from grief and strife (free from strife) Chorus:Heaven's gonna be (Heaven will be), gonna be my homeFrom my God I nevermore will roam (roam)(Walking with Him) Walking with Him (I'll never) I'll never be alone(Whenever) Heaven will be my home When I come to the ending of this journey here on earth (a crown of life)A promised crown of life is my rewardThere's a city promised from my second birthI'm going to meet my Lord I know that my life on earth on is passing (I know that my life is passing)I know that my visit here is brief (I know that visit here is brief)But when I think of living with Him my heart begins to yearn (when I think of living with Him)For the place of comfort and relief (relief, relief) Heaven's gonna be (Heaven will be), gonna be my homeFrom my God I nevermore will roam (roam)(Walking with Him) Walking with Him (I'll never) I'll never be alone(Whenever) Repeat Chorus Scriptural Reference: "But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness." 2 Peter 3:13

Music Saved My Life (Acapella)

The music video for "Bring Me to Life" was filmed in Romania in November 2002. and was directed by Philip Stolzl. It is a live performance/action video featuring a tall apartment building with various skyscraper shots in the background. Amy is sleeping in a nightgown while the other band members are playing music on a higher floor of the building. Amy begins sleepwalking and jumps out the window, climbing up to the floor where there others are performing. She walks towards their window where Paul McCoy notices her and opens the window. Amy falls and Paul grabs her by the hand, trying to pull her up. He loses his grip and sends Amy falling, where the last scene shows that she was asleep all along. This is symbolic to the song's lyrics, "wake me up and save me", and "bring me to life".

Respected Sir/Madam my voice gets quickly and easily chocked in airconditioned room, after talking much, and due to sweating on the chest. Music is my life and saving me from tension.Pl. help, pl. give all your valuable advise for taking care for throat before singing in front of public. People appreciate my singing , but today I could not sing ( although started ) beacuse my voice got chocked due to airconditioner. I am 55 and try to sing with feeling and from deep of my heart and I can not explain how closest is music to my heart.Pl. help.

Vita is a great character and a fan-favorite so far: On her second episode, she played a track called "This Old Guitar" for Rayna at Highway 65, right before pouring out her checkered past and confessing that music saved her life.

THE STORY Though originally written for Choral Arts Northwest, this work has taken on a new life in light of the atrocities in Paris and Beirut. Jonathan Talberg, the conductor of the choir at Cal State Long Beach, led his singers in a performance during the memorial vigil for Nohemi Gonzalez, a Long Beach student who was killed in the Paris attacks. The day after the vigil, the choir was supposed to begin rehearsing holiday music; however, Jonathan felt that was not appropriate and wanted time for the singers to grieve this loss. So, at the beginning of rehearsal, he passed out a brand new piece of music (Let My Love Be Heard), rehearsed it, and then recorded it. It was posted on SoundCloud and shared in memory of Nohemi and as a plea for peace. Their musical offering is a powerful outpouring of grief but also a glimmer of light. I am honored that this piece, "Let My Love Be Heard," has helped to provide hope in the darkness of our world. NOTE: A new version of the score was released April 5, 2018 with new rhythms in measures 13-14 and 22-23. Please use these rhythms for all performances. 041b061a72


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