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Sylenth1 64 Bit

i got jbridge sent to me 5 hours after i bought it not 48! it was in my junk mail and i didnt notice! this is not junk at all! joao has been helpful and i really recommend this too anybody in need of it. i am using sylenth1 in ableton live 9 and it is working like magic! FINALLY I CAN GET THINGS DONE!!!! i am so happy now thanks a million joao! ?

Sylenth1 64 Bit


and the point is? i LOVE sylenth1, and had over 100 soundsets in it...a significant investment. but it's not being updated to 64bit. and i WANT to work in logic X, so...we find workarounds, new tools....whatever it takes.

yes, but some of these workarounds are FAR more expensive than, say, a new plugin... plus, you can always sell your license (for most plugins).. for example, at kvraudio (where i sold sylenth1 just this morning)...


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